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FamilyWelcome to Flavours of Africa™, a family television cooking show. Doris Ufoegbune and Kevin Ufoegbune created Flavours of Africa in the year 2011, after conversing about how African culture is misrepresented in mainstream media. While exposing viewers to African cuisine and culture, the two also share personal stories, funny life experience and interview experts on pressing societal issues. The mother and son duo are the executive producers and host the show which is a perfect design due to their natural, familiar relationship and bond that easily come alive on the television show series. Flavours of Africa is a cooking show that maintains authenticity and uniqueness as it is the first of its kind in the history of North American television. Situated in Calgary, Canada, Flavours of Africa features host Doris Ufoegbune a Nigerian-Canadian who represents the baby boom generation and Kevin Ufoegbune representing young adults. Viewers can witness the hosts whipping up cultural meals which are fast, nutritious, and easy to make during their educational cooking segments.

Flavours of Africa inspires a change in society as it alleviates patriarchal stereotypes and racism while empowering viewers. The African community sometimes holds the perception that women are born to be the designated cooks. Here on their show, Doris Ufoegbune and Kevin Ufoegbune explain that cooking is a shared responsibility between genders and should be seen as a hobby rather than being seen as a chore or “women’s work.” Flavours of Africa demystifies some stereotypes about Africa, by presenting Africa in a sophisticated and truthful way that many Westerners may be unaware of. The show places an emphasis on food in Africa as well as food that has roots in Africa while mainstream meals are given a delicious African twist. The show centres on culture, education, tradition, family, fun and recipes. New episodes of the television program air on Sundays and repeat throughout the week, on Shaw TV channel 10.

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