July 13, 2013

Hi Doris and Kevin,

I watched your program with uttermost delight, I could almost smell the aroma of the cooking, and I could almost eat the finished food; but that’s all in my imagination. What is not in my imagination is the fact that both of you, a mother and son team, are real professionals and very good in what you do; promoting African heritage for the love of food, and doing it in a way that positively portrays us all as contributors to modern African cooking. Kevin will have to face a few things when he gets married. He is going to have to deal with the fact that having been such a great chef, it’ll be difficult to have a spouse who can match his cooking abilities. Just kidding!! But I must give it to you, as a second generation African Canadian, you have distinguished yourself as an exception to the stereotype that our children don’t show much interest in our culture or our cuisine. You are the best, and you are really a star. For you, mother Doris, you know you have travelled the road that many people have not travelled. You have shown us Africans in this part of the world that we are not just all lethargic about who we are, and that positive things can come out of Africa. Thank you for being different in the most positive way. You have your entire family to thank for their support too. I look forward to seeing more episodes of Flavours of Africa in the future and again; thank you and Kevin for making us proud and being a part of you.