Amala Foundation

THE AMALA™ FOUNDATION, “Changing lives, one recipe at a time.”

 Amala foundation is a registered non-profit organization.

The aim of Amala foundation is to help the people of Africa achieve proper nutrition for their children. Statistically, some children die in Africa before they reach the age of four. While the number of deaths in children, before the age of four has significantly reduced, thanks to modern medicine, (from 12 million in 1990 to 6.9 million in 2011, UNICEF.)  Africa still needs help in making sure that children live to their full potential. Most of the ailments could be prevented by antibiotics or by following proper hygiene and nutrition.  By educating the community on how to observe proper hygiene, cook with local ingredients and simple techniques on boiling water for daily consumption, their lives can be simplified. As well, mothers can be taught simple gardening techniques where vegetables can be grown all year round. Knowledge is power, when you teach a man how to fish, you feed him forever.

I was propelled to start the Amala foundation in honour of my mother. She was a philanthropist, believing in her community.

As an educator and a caterer, I need to teach women how to turn corn into corn meal, plantain into pudding, banana into muffins, yam into porridge, black-eyed beans into bean fritters and papaya into salad. Please make donations to Amala foundation.