Family2-1Doris Ufoegbune and Kevin Ufoegbune are the hosts and producers of Flavours of Africa™, an African cooking show that aired in October 2011 on SHAW TV. It can be seen in most major cities in Alberta. The mother-son duo enlightens viewers about delicious African cuisine as well as custom. While the program delights viewers with a taste of Africa, the Nigerian-Canadians also cook mainstream as well as international dishes giving them all an authentic and exceptional African twist. Contemporary societal issues are also often discussed with specialists who are invited to the show. Due to their uniqueness and passion, Kevin and Doris have quickly become household names across the province of Alberta. Celebrating a love for food, culture, family and happiness, the TV personalities embark on a journey to touch Canadians nation-wide. Their motto is that food is culture, and that cultures that eat together, stay together, through food, we can continue to appreciate diversity and promote cultural unity.